25 Years of Technology

September 12, 2016

Welcome to my blog.   I will use this forum to discuss ideas and perspectives I have regarding technology that impacts our customers and our lives in general.  I know many of you and many more I’m excited to get to know.  I started Optus 25 years ago so I’ve seen a tremendous shift forward in all technology, most of which has had a pronounced impact in business voice communications.

Let me set the stage…  When I began in 1991 fax machines were still the preferred medium to send documents, mobile phones were new and HEAVY, voice mail was just becoming mainstream and the internet was in its infancy.  A simple time, maybe, but information wasn’t as easily accessible and propriety knowledge was king.  Can you actually imagine pulling out a paper map to navigate a trip, that’s what we did in the age before Google Maps.

Over the last 25 years technology, and specifically the access to information, has changed all of our lives and very specifically how we do business.  In the past it was our job to consult customers on the best technology and how to deploy it.  In today’s age of information on demand, most customers have researched the technology, read peer reviews and largely made a decision when they engage with us.  Our role is now one of an advisor that can successfully implement and manage their large and complex projects.

Technology has had a positive impact on our lives personally and professionally but we always need to remember that, at the end of the day, we are still dependent on personal relationships.  One theme I plan to focus on in my blog is the impact technology has in how we deal with each other.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you a couple of times each month and hopefully we can make this interactive and you will share your thoughts with me.


– Mark

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