Migrate “UC/Contact Center” to a New Server | Technical Bulletin

March 3, 2023

1. Create a copy of the C:\ProgramData\NECi\Shared Services folder.


2. Create a copy of the C:\ProgramData\NEC\SV9100 Contact Center\Server\data folder.

3. On the new server, ensure .NET 2.0/3.5 is enabled:
Control Pane > Programs and Features > Turn on or off Windows Features

4. On the new server, create a folder named NECi within the C:\ProgramData folder.
Note: you may need to set View >Show hidden files to see the C:\ProgramData folder.

5. Place the backed up Shared Services folder into the NECi folder you just created.

6. Ensure PRG 1069 and PRG 1071 are updated in the PBX with the new server IP Address.

7. Run the UC Services 7.5 installer

8. To restore the Contact Center data, run the MigrateDB utility found in:
C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\NEC\NEC UC Advanced Services\Contact Center Service.

Browse to the backedup data and select all the DB files listed and import them.

9. Once you complete those steps, you can then access the Contact Center backup folder located at:
C:\ProgramData\NECi\Shared Services\Backups.

Restore these folders for reports, and Dashboard and restart services.

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