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March 3, 2023

Outbound IP Connection for PC Programming allows the system to make a PC Pro Connection via an outgoing call over IP, to a preprogrammed IP Address, upon receipt of an incoming CO call matching a preprogrammed CLI.

When the target number of DID incoming call matches with the service code of
Outbound IP Connection the SV9100 compares the received CLI with the registered CLI (Program 906903).

When the received caller ID and registered caller ID match, the SV9100 sends a TCP
establishment request to a waiting PCPro application.

When the caller ID does not match, the call will either step to the locations in Program
221105 and Program 221106 if configured or, send a busy tone to the caller.

Alternatively, via dialing service code from a Multiline Terminal, an outgoing IP
connection can be made to a waiting PCPro terminal with a preprogrammed IP Address.

This allows for a pre
authorized connection for programming purposes without using CO Lines and potentially reduces the cost of calls for maintenance.

The outgoing IP call connects by sending a TCP establishment request to a waiting
PC Programming terminal.

A fixed, encrypted, user ID and password are used to verify the connection.
The connection requires no firewall pinhole to be setup since the connection is initiated within the network to an outside destination.

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