How BaaS Simplifies Admin Workloads

NEC Back-Up as a Service reduces administrative tasks and helps IT departments help their organizations.

The rate of change keeps accelerating, challenging IT organizations to keep pace with the required skills and training.  Backup solutions required to protect against data loss, intrusion and cyber threats add yet another element of complexity requiring continual IT management, monitoring and updating.

Oftentimes IT executives are challenged to evaluate the total cost of their existing backup methods against a fully managed service such as NEC’s offering. In addition to the common challenges IT organizations face in providing backup and recovery services, there are hidden costs that do not necessarily factor into the self-managed Infrastructure as a Service offering. Common challenges IT organizations face within the backup domain area include:

  • Unreliable or incomplete backup provisioning
  • Sprawling incremental costs
  • Service levels
  • Compliance

Read the white paper to learn more how NEC offers the backup services to mitigate today’s risks, and has future-proofed their platform for tomorrow.


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