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Optus’ team of technical experts is constantly troubleshooting and exploring ways to improve your experience with your telecommunication system’s updates. Here you will find an archive of technical bulletins created by our team to help you navigate errors and other modifications to your system to improve your communications technology experience.

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SV9100 – Unsupported TLS version error

Most email hosting services, such as Microsoft 365, have or are rapidly moving to a minimum support for TLS 1.2 for secure mail communications.  This affects the SV8100 and SV9100 platforms, as they by default utilize TLS 1.0.  This can cause the InMail “Voicemail to Email” feature to fail due to a TLS session not being established with the SMTP servers.

Note: This has been tested to work for all versions of SV9100 CP20, and SV9100 CP10 version 9.x and above.  SV8100 does not support TLS 1.2.

Procedure for Corrective Action:

  1. Set PRG 10-12-20 (SSLv3) to the following setting:

2. If programmed via PCPro, upload the change, disconnect from the PBX, and reboot the PBX for the setting to take effect.

3. If programmed via WebPro or Telephone, exit programming, and reboot the PBX.

4. SV9100 will now use TLS 1.2 for TLS sessions.

INMAIL – Voicemail to Email Application Failure for Messages Left by Internal Users

An issue has been found with the “VM-to-Email” InMail application when an internal station leaves a message for another internal station.  The issue with this scenario, is that emails will be sent from the email address assigned in PRG 47-02-21 of the station leaving the message, instead of the address defined in 47-18-08.  This will cause emails to fail due to the email account assigned in PRG 47-18-08 not having permission to send messages on-behalf of the other internal accounts.

Voice messages left from an outside trunk or an internal station without an email address assigned in PRG 47-02-21 will send the message from the address assigned in PRG 47-18-08.

There is a way to force the SV9100 InMail to always send from the assigned address in PRG 47-18-08 by following the procedure below.

 Procedure for Corrective Action:

1. Upgrade to 11.00.52 (CP20) or 11.00.50 (CP10).

2. Via telephone programming only, set PRG 99-01-95 to a [1].

[0] = Send from Address in (47-02-21/47-06-19) if left from the internal party.

[1] = Always Send from Address in (47-18-08)

3. Exit Programming, allow system data to be saved and then reboot the SV9100.



If after installing or upgrading SV9100 PCPro, some users are receiving a “VCRUNTIME140.DLL FILE IS MISSING” error when launching the program on their PC, to which the application crashes and closes.   This is due to the required version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable version for x86 programs not installed.

Procedure for Corrective Action:

Click the Microsoft permalink below to install the latest Microsoft Visual C software for programs created using the x86 version of Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022.  Once installed, the SV9100 PCPro program will launch and function as normal.